Cryptocurrency Services

In house team of skilled blockchain and full stack developers with a combined 15+ years of industry experience.

Secure cold, hybrid and hot storage of cryptocurrency multi-signature wallets, multi-redundant wallets with our proprietary system architecture.

Multisig KRS allows a user to use third party wallet services but ensures they can access funds should the service shut down or they forget their password.

Upto a billion dollars of transactional insurance and military grade security systems including multi biometrics. N Plus Networks has over 5 years of flawless trading, completing over a thousand successful transactions with a third party independently verified 100% client feedback rating.

Our team has years of experience working with fortune 500s and is dedicated to setting and keeping the highest standard in industry, making your ICO secure and successful.

N Plus Networks has founded the Canada Blockchain hub, a data center focused on cloud computing and artificial intelligence. N Plus Networks continues to develop proof of intelligence and blockchain technologies.

N Plus Networks OTC Services

Deep Liquidity

N Plus Networks has a global network of clients throughout North America, Europe and Asia. N Plus Networks can engage multiple clients, worldwide, liquidating your digital assets quickly.

Low Fees

Flat rate and low fees per transaction which is usually absorbed into the trade.

Personal Support

Work privately with our experienced traders throughout the trade process. N Plus Networks is here to help and guide you through each step.

Fast Settlement

With N Plus Networks trade process you receive settlements the same day with every transaction.

Hire The Best In The Industry For Your OTC & Cryptocurrency Needs

Get in touch with N Plus Networks for a free Blockchain needs assessment and discover how you can take your business to the next level. Blockchain, ICO/STO and OTC solutions experts can help analyze and assess your specific business requirements and provide the most effective and comprehensive full round solution from development to storage and liquidation. .

N Plus Networks is the only coin escrow service in the market that owns its own TIER 3 SSAE 16 SOC II certified data centers. N Plus Networks is a data services and network company first. As a result safety and security is engineered by design, not as a pivot or afterthought.

Unlike other crypto vaults and escrows that outsourced their data center and vault, N Plus Networks vault and security is custom engineered. Minimizing attack vectors that would be apparent from following "standardized practices" of security fulfillment providers.

N Plus Networks has been able to develop protocols and procedures with world leading exchange, escrow and legal services to perform safe, secure and efficient OTC trades. Our law firm can facilitate transactions upto 1 billion USD per tranche. All fiat is insured by upto 1 billion dollars (insurance per tranche). N Plus Networks escrow has a unique ability to engage buyers around the world from a lengthily list of pre-existing clients. N Plus Networks deals are done in-house where N Plus Networks can facilitate every aspect of the sale.

About Us

N Plus Networks & Crypto

N Plus Network introduction to the blockchain space can be traced back to the foundation of what we know blockchain technology as today.

Since the late 80's and early 90's N Plus Networks founder has been involved in computing and cypherpunk. N Plus Networks journey began in '97 when an IT company, focusing on developing open source technologies, was founded.

This company grew into high density computing and data centres and in 2010, N Plus Networks began mining, growing to an industrial scale by 2011.

In 2014 N Plus Networks sold one of the largest private miners in the world, since then N Plus Networks has founded the Canada Blockchain hub, a 200,000 square foot innovation center and 100,000 sq ft data center focused on cloud computing, artificial intelligence, and developing the next tier of proof of intelligence blockchain technologies and solution groups.

Today, N Plus Networks offers an immediate solution for blockchain development and coin security, storage and liquidation.