Data Center Reliability

End To End Protection

Continuous & Uninterrupted Operation

Maintaining high availability in today's data center environment with continuous, uninterrupted operation is critical for any business seeking colocation space. N Plus Networks thoroughly tests and maintains redundant components ensuring 100% uptime and continuous operation. With N+1 levels of backup redundancy for every potential point of failure, enjoy peace of mind knowing your critical IT infrastructure is secure and safe.

No Downtime

Eliminate Unexpected Outages

While data center downtime may result from power outages or equipment failure, multiple levels of redundancy have been employed to ensure continuous operation under all circumstances. Several measures have been implemented with tested and proven procedures to ensure resiliency and redundancy for key data center infrastructure components including the elimination of power failures or network connectivity issues.


Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Servers Safe & Secure

Guaranteed up time is ensured with built in redundancy for every critical component providing the resilience you need to operate at full capacity. In today's IT connected world downtime is unacceptable, which is why every critical system has N plus 1 systems of backup ensuring your devices are always connected and functioning as expected.