High Performance Interconnection

Network-Neutral Data Center

Connecting Your IT Infrastructure

With a variety of business Internet and private interconnection options, choose to connect to the carrier you desire at the speeds you need. Carrier diverse options mean that you have choice of your data connectivity provider, with direct connections to Toronto's 151 Front St. location, and the Kitchener – Waterloo Innovation center located right beside Google in downtown Kitchener.

What Is Data Center Interconnection

Making Connections

Data center interconnection refers to the mechanisms in place to connect two or more data center IT infrastructures together. With a variety of options including peering exchanges, data center cross connects, blended IP, and inter-site connectivity, digital data connections are established with remote locations, services and facilities to ensure your information gets transferred to the desired destination.


Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Servers Safe & Secure

Guaranteed up time is ensured with built in redundancy for every critical component providing the resilience you need to operate at full capacity. In today's IT connected world downtime is unacceptable, which is why every critical system has N plus 1 systems of backup ensuring your devices are always connected and functioning as expected.