Expert Service

Remote Assistance

Expert Help is Included For All N Plus Customers

N Plus Networks team of experts is always available on site 24x7 to handle any remote request that comes in. Qualified and professional staff is capable of doing much more than just rebooting servers and verifying power status. Some additional services include physical assistance, KVM support, infrastructure data cabling, emergency equipment replacement, circuit testing, cabinet power strip energizing, checking and securing cabling and connections, equipment installations, server OS configurations and more!

Penetration Testing

Ensuring Your Data Infrastructure is Secure

Penetration testing also known as pen testing is done to find the potential vulnerabilities from where an attacker can gain access into a system or network. This testing provides insight into which defense system was defeated by the attacker. An expert team of hackers will test your IT deployment for most common vulnerabilities with a primary goal of protecting your system and sensitive data. With PT N Plus Networks is always prepared for the unexpected.


Enjoy Peace of Mind Knowing Your Servers Are in Good Hands

Expert & reliable technical support staff provide an end-to-end solution allowing you to collocate with confidence. An intimate knowledge and understanding of Colocation and Hosting allows mission critical applications and infrastructure to operate with maximum uptime, security and efficiency.

Hardened Security

N Plus Networks focuses a lot on both physical and network security. With an aim of keeping client’s data safe and secure, special cautionary measures have been implemented to monitor and review data logs, video surveillance and maintain firewalls to ensure there is no unauthorized access.

Hardware Assurance

The Hardware Assurance team is always on site to assist N Plus Networks clients to keep their hardware running. Relax while N Plus Networks monitors hardware, reducing downtime and emergency cost repairs.

Redundant Infrastructure

N Plus Networks provides fully conditioned electrical power for all hardware connections. With a 100% uptime SLA, several backup measures are in place preventing any interruption from possible power loss. Enjoy peace of mind knowing that N Plus Networks has N+1 levels of redundancy for your hardware and data.